Sunday, January 3, 2010


Before I begin with my recap of New Years celebrations I would like to make a comment about friendship. I'm getting to that stage in life where I have close friends that I've had for a year and others that I've had for 14 and I am constantly amazed at how God has blessed me. Seriously, they are my extended family. You are my extended family. And my family is what got me through this last year and will do so this next one. Thank you for everything you have done and stood by me through and helped me to celebrate or mourn.

So it's 2010. Didn't Y2K just happen? Did I really go to Europe for the first time 10 years ago? A whole decade. That's pure insanity. I feel old but I'm not. Anyways, the following will be a detailed account of my 2010 party hopping and then some.
So I started my day in Portland and drove myself and Esther back to Holland all the while stating "this is the last time in 2009 that I'll ____" and it was awesome. I love that game. I also love saying "See you next year!" because I'm a huge dork. Then I worked out. Big mistake. Last workout of the year and I'm incredibly sore, still. This made living life very difficult but for the night fine. I then proceeded to get ready and headed out to Paul and Julies place after dropping off my amazing guac. I wasn't sure how it would feel going there without the Weilers but I love the Wesselinks so I went anyways, and I'm glad I did. Even though I only stayed for an hour I thoroughly enjoyed myself and also helping the girls to win the game. Woohoo! From here I picked Sandi up and we met Kristen and Ammie at 84 East for a special Thursday night edition of martini night. I felt it necessary to try the evening martini special, the Snowflaketini. This drink should never be remade, ever. It's a mix of vodka, white grape juice and champagne. Why? Really, there are so many things that could have tasted so much better under that sugar rim than this. I am giving it a generous 3.2 but only because I know as bad as it was, it could have been worse. I followed it with the Tiramisu Tini which gains itself a high 8.1. I love Italy and anything associated with it so this may have helped but also, following what it did, it's not hard to get a high rating. It has a good flavor even though it has 3 different kinds of alcohol and other additives. Tip: Do not eat this with anything that is salty, I just don't think they'll mesh well. I also highly enjoyed spending time with these three ladies. Nothing but classiness while singing eighties hits. :)

From here we drove to the Parrotts place in Z! and the mix of the conversation in the car, the martinis, the snow, the carpooling and general giggles made for my last awkward comment of 2009. For future reference, when you aren't sure who is going to be around the corner, do not go into a room and say "wow, i'm intoxicated and i have to pee." and then leave. I think maybe it's not the best first impression. Oh well, I enjoyed myself nonetheless and began 2010 off right with an extended dance party with Peter playing DJ. I love dancing. I could have gone on for another hour if I didn't have to work....and if everyone else wasn't dead tired on the floor.
That was the end of the night but the fun didn't stop there. Later when I got out of work I met up with Brian and Peter at Steak and Shake and had 3 hours of conversation, tricks and reminiscing accompanied by good food. I highly enjoy gatherings like this and I think it was a great way to kick off the year.
Phew. That's it. You made it. Congratulations. I promise to update more quickly, mostly for me so I don't feel so behind.
Best part of 2009: You.


  1. Best part of 2010: You.
    I enjoy that we are in an extended family together and that you posted the Z! link :)