Wednesday, January 27, 2010

10 for 10

So I thought I would take a few days, give both of us a little breather between posts. I realize now that this only makes it more difficult for me to remember the evening with expected clarity. I'll get straight to it though. I remember saying in a previous post when I attended one evening and the male to female ratio was 1:1 and how I never thought this would happen again, that there would be just as many guys and girls in attendance, especially with a larger group. I stand corrected. With 10 of us in attendance, we had another even split, 5 guys and 5 girls. I'm almost still amazed that it happened. I think the word is spreading that you don't have to get a martini, they have beer too!
I have noticed that I am starting to get down to the drinks on the menu that probably don't get much attention, or in other words, might be quite gross. The Nuts and Berries was no exception. I am giving it a high 6.8 because the raspberry in it tried really hard, I can tell, but the frangelico ruined it. Good thing I followed it with the ever so faithfully delicious sour patch kid. Regardless, I had a great evening. Plenty of great conversation and laughter. Thank you Sandi, Amy, Mike, Brian, Jenna, Adam, Paul, Justin and Meagan for coming and making history.

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