Thursday, February 4, 2010


I finally:
  • took a second to update this.
  • started making progress on running and fundraising.
  • started reading again.
  • found new music I enjoy.
  • had multiple quality conversations with close friends.
  • struck martini gold this past weekend.

Now I'll elaborate on each, but briefly.
I don't know how it got to be Thursday already and frankly I don't know how it's Thursday afternoon and I still have things on my list to do that should have been done hours ago. This being one of them. Today has been so-so. I am beginning to wonder if I have picked a good mechanic, since now I have to wait til next week to get my car fixed. I only got in half a workout. My pants don't fit my butt. I've only read 1 page in my book. But in a way I purposefully didn't update quickly. I needed time to process a few things and this of course means not posting in an altered mindset.
I have, hopefully, started traing and fundraising full force. I need to stick with it so please keep me accountable. This might mean me going home early so I can run in the morning or not going out at all, but I've only got three months left to train and I want to make it across the finish line without injury. Thank you in advance for helping me through #4.
I am reading again and it's wonderful. I'm reading this and this at the same time. But not really, I'll most likely continue to read the latter and pass it along quickly.
And not news to anyone, I love music and I love finding new music that I enjoy. Sometimes it's mainstream and sometimes it's not but either way it makes me excited. I'm in a cd of the month club with approximately 13 other ladies and I can't wait to see what I'm introduced to over the next year! Here are a few I've been enjoying as of late: The Temper Trap, Phoenix, Josh Garrels, Hockey and Lady Antebellum.
I love being able to sit down with friends, and know we can talk about anything, and can hold each other accountable and support one another and laugh. Especially laugh. If we haven't done this in a while, let's do this soon.
Lastly, martini night. Fantastic evening, though it started out on an "emotional rollercoaster". The waitress comes over to Jenna and I and gets us started and I ask for my menu, so she leaves to go get it and shortly later she comes out with a menu she's holding close to her chest and a marker and she says "I can't find yours. I think we threw them away. There's only one back there and it's not yours." WHAT!? I about died. But Jenna helped me cope and I even thought it would be better because at the new year they got new menus and now half the menu will be in someone elses handwriting. So I thought maybe this was a good thing. And literally 30 seconds after I've come to terms, she brings mine out and says it was in our general pile. So I actually do still have my menu. Phew. So I started with the Strawberries-n-Creamtini. Delicious and undoubtedly masks the alcohol well. I'm giving it an 8.1. Finally I enjoyed a martini the first time around. But I was so excited about liking it, and with Sandi arriving, I was daring and tried another. The Cosmopolitan may have put me slightly over the edge but regardless I am giving it an 8.0. This says a lot for this drink because it somehow manages to go down very smoothly without being masked with tons of flavors. Compared to some of the evenings I've been having, this one was great. Not to mention the topics discussed and laughs had. This is why I keep coming back. Great service, great drinks and great friends.

oh, and P.S-
this is Lisa.
I miss her most days that we don't chat on gmail. Or our new found favorite, voicechat. Genious.


  1. my productive hours have expanded. i've found myself engrossed into web-land again and catching up on your blog.
    i will miss martini night for the third time but will hopefully see the after effects :)

  2. Shooot... look at me all catching up on your blog. Good stuff.

  3. brian - this hardly counts since i practically guilted you into it