Thursday, August 27, 2009

the newest (old) trend

i love blogs because they're always there when you only have 10 minutes. this happens a lot and now instead of watching tv or feeling like i'm wasting time online, i can feel like i'm having a conversation, even if it is with myself.

my days off this week have been loaded with tasks to do. things like: go for a run, go to the post office, pick up some dr. peppers, find out your best friend is having a third child :) , paint, pack, take a mandatory break at the brewery. i feel like i've gotten so much done, which is a great feeling.

it was nice to be at the brewery again too, there's just something about that place that just feels normal. plus you get to talk about things like what crazo church is behind all these "singles" signs bombarding the streets of holland and man scarves: the newest trend. according to their main page, apparently wearing a scarf is branding yourself. good to know. they also say the scarf is the new tie. interesting.

i'd like to elaborate further on the man scarf. is it a new trend or is it just coming back? take these pics for example:

old trend?

or new trend?

i think that proves my point. and i realize i didn't have a point. just more of a thought, that's it both new and old together. it's got me thinking what the next trend will be. i've noticed plaids are back. which to me means flannel but i'm not sure that kids these days even know what flannel is.....
anyways, i seriously hope the next trend is not this:

and a mental note for next time, this took way longer than 10 minutes...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wedding Caketini AND Watermelon Jolly Rancher

Welcome to week 2.

It's been a long week. That being said:

I couldn't help myself. I had two. First off I had the Wedding Caketini in celebration of Brooke and Ryan who tied the knot on Friday. The actual flavor of the drink reminds me of something else, but I don't think wedding cake. If it weren't for the amaretto it'd obviously be a pineapple upside down cake instead but to the point, I give it a 6. I did enjoy it but it doesn't stick out as one I would like to have again this next year. For my second, I had the Watermelon Jolly Rancher. Isn't the name enough? We all know it doesn't taste a darn thing like something that's bad for you. I've had it before so I purposefully got it because it sounded good. It's definitely a 10. I don't even hesitate on that one.

So this evening was completely different than the last. Our conversations spanned many topics including: Funks: when you're in one, how do you get out?, Homosexuality: how's your gaydar?, Life: the new midlife crisis; finding your purpose and lastly, my favorite, Christian Playas: how to spot them and how to avoid them. I'm sure you can just imagine what was discussed. We laughed a lot and probably quite loud and there are some things that stay at the table :)

But really, my main question was how to get out of a funk? For reasons I cannot explain, I was in a funk on Friday. It's the worst feeling when you recognize it and you can tell that maybe others are picking up on it, but you still can't shake it! And then you get annoyed with yourself. I don't think I have a remedy except time and prayer. I think that's all I'll say on that matter. Anyone have other thoughts? I'm willing to discuss the other topics again too :)

Martinis had: Wedding Caketini and Watermelon Jolly Rancher
In attendance: Jenna, Amy, Sandi and Lisa H.
Favorite Quote: "Take a drink, and spit it out!"

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Adventure Begins Now

Hello blog world, I've missed you.

I haven't kept up a blog in a good amount of years. I'm a little bit worried that after 100 days I'm going to forget about you and leave you hanging. I will try my best though. My goal is to stick with this for one year. And during that year I will be reporting my opinions on the 45 martini's offered at 84 East, my favorite weekend hangout :) I'll also be sharing my thoughts on the conversations of the evening and life in general. One flavor per weekend minimum with a few extra weeks in case of holidays or other unforseen events should take me to next August 14th.
This whole idea came from the movie Julie & Julia. And of course my rating system stored in my phone of previous martini nights.

I started last night with the Coconut Raspberry. I LOVE coconut so I don't think it could have been bad. I gave it an 8 on a scale of 1-10 only because it tastes slightly creamy without actually being creamy at all. I was able to share the evening with Esther and Oven and it wasn't long after talking about the "dance floor" we began our topic of the evening: The Slow Dance. I began to explain my policy; I do not slow dance. I just don't do it. Of course I'm referring to wedding scenarios because I can't think of a situation where I would ever need to slow dance elsewhere. I think slow dancing is:
1) too personal
2) too boring
3) precious time to cool off and recuperate for the next batch of fast songs
4) something I'll do when I'm married
Needless to say, we had different opinions. I figured if I keep the policy and don't break the rules (which I did in the past and then the turnout made me feel worse, I should have said no!) then I don't have to worry about it. But what if you take a date they ask? Well, the date will already know the policy. This doesn't have to be difficult, I think it makes perfect sense. Does anyone else have this policy? Or a policy in general? I can't be the only one. I just can't be.
So this was day one. Or I guess night one. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the topics or ideas of topics for next time. Most of all I'd like you to join me.
until next time,