Thursday, August 27, 2009

the newest (old) trend

i love blogs because they're always there when you only have 10 minutes. this happens a lot and now instead of watching tv or feeling like i'm wasting time online, i can feel like i'm having a conversation, even if it is with myself.

my days off this week have been loaded with tasks to do. things like: go for a run, go to the post office, pick up some dr. peppers, find out your best friend is having a third child :) , paint, pack, take a mandatory break at the brewery. i feel like i've gotten so much done, which is a great feeling.

it was nice to be at the brewery again too, there's just something about that place that just feels normal. plus you get to talk about things like what crazo church is behind all these "singles" signs bombarding the streets of holland and man scarves: the newest trend. according to their main page, apparently wearing a scarf is branding yourself. good to know. they also say the scarf is the new tie. interesting.

i'd like to elaborate further on the man scarf. is it a new trend or is it just coming back? take these pics for example:

old trend?

or new trend?

i think that proves my point. and i realize i didn't have a point. just more of a thought, that's it both new and old together. it's got me thinking what the next trend will be. i've noticed plaids are back. which to me means flannel but i'm not sure that kids these days even know what flannel is.....
anyways, i seriously hope the next trend is not this:

and a mental note for next time, this took way longer than 10 minutes...

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