Sunday, September 6, 2009

be with who you're with

Oh martini night, you have been hard to visit with lately. I'm sorry, I will see you soon, I promise.

I did however visit elsewhere. On friday evening I attended the LaBarge/Lam wedding, which was wonderful, and took advantage of Boatwerks' Pomegranite Martini at the reception. Let me just state: either Boatwerks makes one heck of a strong martini or 84 East does exactly the opposite because that was one strong martini in a very large glass. Not that this rating counts but I would give this one a 7, flavorful but a heavy lime flavor coming through from somewhere....(note the large, but empty glass)

On to my next thought, which happens to be the subject line. Allow me to explain. We've all been there. We're hanging out with friends or family and think we're having a good time, there might even be people there we haven't seen in some time and then we notice that person, you know who they are, that's texting under the table. And they think no one notices?! Or worse, they don't care! I noticed this happening this past weekend. I'm not going to give actual people or actual stories but I think we can all think of a time that we were with someone but they weren't really there. They weren't present, their attention was elsewhere and you know what, I'd like to say that's rude. Just rude. I understand that there are times when you're at a very casual event or communication is necessary but what I'd really like is for you to be with who you're with. Period. And those are my thoughts on that.

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