Wednesday, January 27, 2010

10 for 10

So I thought I would take a few days, give both of us a little breather between posts. I realize now that this only makes it more difficult for me to remember the evening with expected clarity. I'll get straight to it though. I remember saying in a previous post when I attended one evening and the male to female ratio was 1:1 and how I never thought this would happen again, that there would be just as many guys and girls in attendance, especially with a larger group. I stand corrected. With 10 of us in attendance, we had another even split, 5 guys and 5 girls. I'm almost still amazed that it happened. I think the word is spreading that you don't have to get a martini, they have beer too!
I have noticed that I am starting to get down to the drinks on the menu that probably don't get much attention, or in other words, might be quite gross. The Nuts and Berries was no exception. I am giving it a high 6.8 because the raspberry in it tried really hard, I can tell, but the frangelico ruined it. Good thing I followed it with the ever so faithfully delicious sour patch kid. Regardless, I had a great evening. Plenty of great conversation and laughter. Thank you Sandi, Amy, Mike, Brian, Jenna, Adam, Paul, Justin and Meagan for coming and making history.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day 7: The end?

Well today was officially the end of the 7 day Cardigan Challenge. I honestly picked out another outfit for tomorrow not really thinking that today was the last day, and for a second I got kind of sad about it. Ridiculous. It's not like I'm losing the cardigans, I own them, I can wear them again, pull it together! I think I might wear the outfit anyways because I never said I couldn't do more, just that I had to do 7, so maybe you'll see me back here tomorrow. Well you will anyways because it's martini night tomorrow. Back on to our normal schedule. So today, by request, I wore a lime green cardigan. It's somewhat short but fun and it makes me feel like it's summer time. Going back to work on a friday is always somewhat depressing, my weekend is over, I have the early shift, it's a longer than normal shift and of course today, the end of the challenge. Lucky for me, I have an incredibly good sense of humor and lucky for you, you get to read the next bit about what happened at work. So it was getting close to lunch time for me and the reinforcements have been around for about 15 minutes or so and to kill some time I go to talk a fellow associate. Now said associate is about 55 and sometimes a little awkward but we've worked together for over 3 years now so I would say we're pretty comfortable around one another. So I'm standing behind him for maybe 1 minute when he turns to me and with slight hesitation says "you realize you have a hole in the back of your pants, you can see your underwear." To which I respond with a reassured yes, because I did know there was a slight hole, due to the walkie that I have to carry on my pocket and the fact that the jeans themselves are over 4 years old. No big deal, normally my shirt covers it anyways. So I go home for lunch, like I normally do, and for kicks I go look in the bathroom mirror and my mouth drops to the floor as I realize the hole got bigger. It's no longer just a worn out area, it's a full on hole, down the side of the pocket. Not only can you see my underwear, you can see the color and the pattern. Goodness me, I couldn't help but laugh. I'm glad I went home on lunch though so I could change. The day did get better, not that it was necessarily bad, when the rep from the millwork department made a surprising friday visit. It doesn't matter what has happened that day, or even that week, when he visits, you forget what a bad day is. Sigh. Moving on. I got out of work and eventually met up with Amy at her parents house for a fun filled girls night. We ate chinese to which I tried my first crab rangoon and may have enjoyed it. We then made mojitos (without mint), grabbed the candy and headed downstairs to watch the movie Gran Torino. Soooooo good! I love Clint Eastwood, I seriously think he has gotten better with age. The rest of the night consisted of the following:
  • two more mojitos
  • digesting the movie
  • wii fit plus; skateboard, soccer, running, marching in a parade, etc
  • amazing girl talk
  • blogging and trying to go to bed by one
  • still being up at two after another hour of talking and taking ibuprofen.
  • borrowing the best red sweatshirt in the world
This was quite possibly the perfect ending to a week long, ridiculous yet fun challenge. I almost dare say that a round 2 is in the future.

* I would like to add that if by some chance the beginning and the end don't flow, it's because this was a two-parter

Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 6: Back in Black

Day 6. I feel like this challenge could truly go on forever. There is so much more potential in my closet. Today was a hard choice though. I thought for a little bit I was going to have to do some fundraising stuff at Younkers which means I had to wear khakis. Which also means that I had to wear my polyester TNT training shirt. So how do you pair these two items and throw a cardigan in the mix? You wear a classic black. That's what you do. Then I was met with another challenge, my jacket was shedding on my pants. I've never noticed this before because I always wear jeans. It's kind of disturbing that it sheds as much as it does. So between not actually fundraising and the shedding, I think I had on 3 different outfits, all pulled together with the classy black. The only time I regretted wearing it was when I joined Jenna and Adam at their home to celebrate their potential home owning status and sat on the couch and then stood up with a cat on me. Not really but this is the one downfall of wearing black, everything shows. Enough about the cardigan though, the day was great and I am so happy for the Weilers.
I also highly enjoyed having girl time with Amy at JPs and trying, and partially succeeding at getting some fundraising done.
And it's never a bad day when you don't work.
Another good day all around. Could it be the cardigans?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 5: Blue Skies

Yesterday I wore my favorite spring time cardigan even though it was unbelievably cold outside. It's light blue, half sleeved and v neck. It's incredibly comfortable and even though I have green eyes and not blue, it apparently brings out my eyes as well. Good to know. I had the day off and started by staying in bed chatting online til 10. I don't care how much I get made fun of for always being on the computer or g-chatting, it is an incredible way to keep in contact with friends and also get other things done. Multi-tasking at its' finest. In an effort to get on track with my training I went outside for a run. And at some point, even though I checked the temperature and it said it was 25 degrees, in my head I thought I would dress for 40. Bad idea, we all know that it was only 22 with a windchill to make it worse. Needless to say, it just makes it hard to get excited for the rest of training in winter....can't wait for those 90 minute runs, ha. So after this I went and got subway for Esther and I and got a car wash. Sometimes I think I don't take good enough care of my car. Every week (most of the time) I go to Esther's and we catch up on the week prior and I get to tell my stories from the week and hold babies and in some ways we both live vicariously through one another, which is great. This week was even better in an odd way. This week felt like we were adults having adult conversations, not just giggling and reminiscing. Hard to explain I guess, it's nice having people close that have known you for more than half your life. I came home and did some fundraising work and started to read a very large book. Sometimes I miss reading for fun. I love getting sucked into a completely different world and escaping, even if just for 15 minutes at a time. By this time on a Wednesday, it's time for the Brewery. It's too bad that we didn't realize until we got there that it was 80'S NIGHT! Rats. Plus, they were out of cider. I tried my hardest to like beer, but tonight was not the breakthrough night we all hoped for. Maybe next time. Also, for the first time, we danced. We've danced at 84 East, but never here. It was slightly awkward but fun all the same. I'm starting to really enjoy our weekly gatherings. There is always something to look forward to without it being a month away.
This was really long, but when do I ever do a short recap?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 4: Go Green!

I was thinking today that I should have planned a little bit better and taken a picture of myself in each cardigan. Too bad I didn't because now it's too late. Not that I really planned this at all, it must be part of goal to be more spontaneous. Today I wore a favorite. Green, old and comfortable. It's quite possible that I owned said cardigan in high school. Regardless, I love it. It made yesterday bearable a day after. Does that make sense? I think maybe.
Last night I got to catch up with a friend for a bit and she had an extra ticket to the MSU vs Iowa game and I turned it down. Am I nuts?! I love college basketball and, gasp, haven't been to a game ever! What can I say other than I was a great student and committed to my friends more than my school...anyways, I reallllllly hope that opportunity comes up again because I miss East Lansing. I know that really had nothing to do with today but I did wear green and white today....just saying.
Nothing amazing happened today, but nothing horrible either. Just the kind of day I needed to get me through. Tomorrow is potentially a very busy day off but those are just the kind I love, especially if they're productive.

Day 3: What was I thinking?

Ok, today was an off day. I woke up super tired and for some reason decided to skip my run this morning, bad idea. Then when getting dressed I didn't really think about the fact that I'd be wearing a cardigan. I picked out a sweater over a cami which means I had to put a cardigan over the sweater. I mean it wasn't the worst thing I've ever worn but I also decided to wear my hair curly and I'm just throwing it out there that some days I look like I forgot how to pull it all together. I almost wished I had taken a picture so you could know what I mean, because I think it'd be obvious. So, having to work an extra long shift at work when feeling like this makes the day slightly crappy, even without anything happening. So lucky me, after being at the Depot for 10 hours, I came home to run 2 miles. And the frustrating part was that I only cut 13 seconds off of the last run. 13 seconds? At this rate I'll finish a half in full time. I hate the treadmill. It's quite possible the only thing that saved the day was seeing my aunt and cousins for 15 minutes. There's nothing like a hug from a 4 year old to make the days' troubles seem so distant. And then dinner was toast and coco wheats. I was reminded that I actually don't like coco wheats, those are the chocolate ones. I like cream of wheat. Ahh, some times you just have to have a bad day to appreciate the good ones, and hopefully the good ones to come.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 2: The Borrowed Gray

I love color. I love adding little splashes here and there, in all aspects of life. I've noticed recently, like this past year, that I have started to accumulate a lot of black and white. I used to make fun of my friend Lindsey cuz it's all she wore but now I understand it's almost essential. So for day two I wore a gray cardigan, the perfect blend of black and white. Not just any gray one though, the one I've been eyeing in Meagan's closet, which means it had to be a good day. I went to church and met up with Katie and chatted about life for a bit, which was really nice. I like being able to catch up with people without feeling rushed or like I'm balancing. After church I came home and did some fundraising work and then took a nap!!! Yay for naps! Then I did all the stuff that normal people do on a Sunday but I can't do because I work. I did laundry and made brownies and cleaned my room (kind of). Then I went with the roomies to Family Dinner at the Weiler home. I love family dinner time. It's such a great ending to the weekend and also a great start to the week. I love cuddling on the chair with Amanda and I love Jenna's hospitality and I love just laughing with friends. And I love it even more when we end with a dance party. I love anything that includes dancing though, nothing new there. Then because Amy locked herself out of her place we got to have a slumber party. A great day in a GRAYt cardigan. Today I feel blessed.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

it's Cardi time

So I was sitting in my room last night and I had a thought. What if I wore a cardigan everyday for the next 7 days. Genious! Easy challenge and hopefully quite fun. So I started it today. Day one in my week long cardigan challenge. I chose to start the challenge with a great, deep red, v-neck cardigan. I don't own much red so though it doesn't seem like it, this was a very bold choice for day one.

Before I chose which cardigan to wear, I went for my first run of the year. It didn't go so well, I don't really want to talk about it, but I feel good after doing it and am excited to get outside again soon. I hope in the next month or so.
Work was crazy today, lots of good moments and lots of frustrating moments but at the end, a good day. Could it be because of the red cardi? I like to think so. Or maybe the fact that I also dyed my hair. I enjoy dark hair.
After work I went to the southside and enjoyed the rest of the evening with some great people. I had an on the spot created drink called the Michini. Doozie! We also watched Funny People, which after taking away the language and crude parts, actually had an ok message to it. One of my favorite parts of this evening was having a random dance party with Jenna and Pudge, the dog. Really, I think I really could dance anywhere, anytime.
I'd love to end it there and say that the night ended on a high but life is a roller coaster of emotions and I may have cried all the way home. Sometimes I just need to have a good cry, it's unfortunate you can't schedule them into life, they just kind of come up when they choose. Tonight it was because of cancer. It sucks. It has single handidly changed my life forever. Not all has been bad but it is something I will never be thankful for. It is continually changing my life from here on out.
I know it seems like a bad way to end the post but it's what I'm ending on at this very moment, it's what I'm working through. See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

a breath of fresh air

I have to voice a disappointment first before anything else. I know it's not the best way to start but I really can't help it. This past weekend I unknowingly picked another not-so-good martini. Oh Almond Joy, why did you have to let me down? You actually taste nothing like your candy counterpart. You not only burn on the way down, but you burn after too. You could just pick one, you don't need to burn all the time. You also made my face burn. Thanks for the overall enjoyable experience inside and out, you shouldn't have, really. Just for that, you're only getting a 6.1. Which may be generous but I can still remember the week prior and you aren't anywhere near that, so this will do.

Ok, that being said, I truly enjoyed the whole evening. I met up with Jenna, Adam, Brooke, Ryan, Sandi and Amy and went out in the bitter cold to watch the ice sculptors on 8th st. I would say despite the cold, it was really neat. My favorite part is when they use a flame thrower to make it shiny. From here we went to 84 East minus Amy and sat at our favorite table on the barside. Perfect table location and size. I recommended the watermelon jolly rancher to Brooke who was not disappointed and after the horrible choice explained above, I ordered one as well. It was like a breath of fresh air. I still give it a 10. It was a well deserved, great ending to the day.

On a different note, I think I'm going to dye my hair. It's time.

Monday, January 4, 2010

a Double Whammy

It feels odd to be writing another post already but also kind of nice. In an odd sort of way, it makes me feel more connected to life and what is going on. I think I may try and open up my posting to all life events. If I do succeed at this more frequent posting, prepare to come here much more often than two or three times a month. Then again, the key word here is if.

So I went to martini night twice last week...kind of. Thursday was a special one time only event with a one time only martini, not that going twice in one weekend has to be a one time only occurrence. Right off the bat the new year brought a new record with it: with four of us in attendance; myself, Sandi, Brian and Rob, there was a 50/50 gender split. Percentage wise; this may never happen again, actual male count; hopefully. After four and a half months, I am proud to say that most of the waitresses recognize me and get my menu without even asking. I don't know why but it's actually a pretty good feeling. I think of 84 East as my own personal Cheers. Though in reality I am not sure if this is something to be proud of. Oh well, it's only going to get better for the next seven months, right? I went out on a limb this time and purposefully ordered drinks that didn't sound good. I figure at some point I have to knock them off the list but I realize now to only do one a night that I know I won't like, otherwise it can turn into a very disappointing evening. Luckily, there was plenty of entertainment at the table. So I started with the Pineapple Caketini, which sounds like it could be good. Slightly tropical with a hint of sweet. Unfortunately, I didn't enjoy it to it's full potential. It was good, but it wasn't memorable. I am giving it a 6.7 because there are plenty of other tropical and sweet options that are sure to make a better impression than this. I then followed with the biggest disappointment yet, the Grape Jolly Rancher. Gross. Let's all think for a second....aren't the grape flavored candies always one of the last left in the bowl. They are for me at least. I'm sure this is a clear indicator of why, I can only imagine, the bartender probably laughed in his head when he got the order. Unless you are one of the few people in the world that enjoys cough syrup, perhaps Brian, do not order this drink. I am giving it a generous 2.9 because it had sugar on the rim and somehow we managed to consume 1/3 of it. Better luck next week.

Nightly recap:
In attendance: Sandi, Brian, Rob
Drinks had: Pineapple Caketini and Grape Jolly Rancher
Quotable quote: ""It was Johnny Walker's fault." "Oh, I know him!""

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Before I begin with my recap of New Years celebrations I would like to make a comment about friendship. I'm getting to that stage in life where I have close friends that I've had for a year and others that I've had for 14 and I am constantly amazed at how God has blessed me. Seriously, they are my extended family. You are my extended family. And my family is what got me through this last year and will do so this next one. Thank you for everything you have done and stood by me through and helped me to celebrate or mourn.

So it's 2010. Didn't Y2K just happen? Did I really go to Europe for the first time 10 years ago? A whole decade. That's pure insanity. I feel old but I'm not. Anyways, the following will be a detailed account of my 2010 party hopping and then some.
So I started my day in Portland and drove myself and Esther back to Holland all the while stating "this is the last time in 2009 that I'll ____" and it was awesome. I love that game. I also love saying "See you next year!" because I'm a huge dork. Then I worked out. Big mistake. Last workout of the year and I'm incredibly sore, still. This made living life very difficult but for the night fine. I then proceeded to get ready and headed out to Paul and Julies place after dropping off my amazing guac. I wasn't sure how it would feel going there without the Weilers but I love the Wesselinks so I went anyways, and I'm glad I did. Even though I only stayed for an hour I thoroughly enjoyed myself and also helping the girls to win the game. Woohoo! From here I picked Sandi up and we met Kristen and Ammie at 84 East for a special Thursday night edition of martini night. I felt it necessary to try the evening martini special, the Snowflaketini. This drink should never be remade, ever. It's a mix of vodka, white grape juice and champagne. Why? Really, there are so many things that could have tasted so much better under that sugar rim than this. I am giving it a generous 3.2 but only because I know as bad as it was, it could have been worse. I followed it with the Tiramisu Tini which gains itself a high 8.1. I love Italy and anything associated with it so this may have helped but also, following what it did, it's not hard to get a high rating. It has a good flavor even though it has 3 different kinds of alcohol and other additives. Tip: Do not eat this with anything that is salty, I just don't think they'll mesh well. I also highly enjoyed spending time with these three ladies. Nothing but classiness while singing eighties hits. :)

From here we drove to the Parrotts place in Z! and the mix of the conversation in the car, the martinis, the snow, the carpooling and general giggles made for my last awkward comment of 2009. For future reference, when you aren't sure who is going to be around the corner, do not go into a room and say "wow, i'm intoxicated and i have to pee." and then leave. I think maybe it's not the best first impression. Oh well, I enjoyed myself nonetheless and began 2010 off right with an extended dance party with Peter playing DJ. I love dancing. I could have gone on for another hour if I didn't have to work....and if everyone else wasn't dead tired on the floor.
That was the end of the night but the fun didn't stop there. Later when I got out of work I met up with Brian and Peter at Steak and Shake and had 3 hours of conversation, tricks and reminiscing accompanied by good food. I highly enjoy gatherings like this and I think it was a great way to kick off the year.
Phew. That's it. You made it. Congratulations. I promise to update more quickly, mostly for me so I don't feel so behind.
Best part of 2009: You.