Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 5: Blue Skies

Yesterday I wore my favorite spring time cardigan even though it was unbelievably cold outside. It's light blue, half sleeved and v neck. It's incredibly comfortable and even though I have green eyes and not blue, it apparently brings out my eyes as well. Good to know. I had the day off and started by staying in bed chatting online til 10. I don't care how much I get made fun of for always being on the computer or g-chatting, it is an incredible way to keep in contact with friends and also get other things done. Multi-tasking at its' finest. In an effort to get on track with my training I went outside for a run. And at some point, even though I checked the temperature and it said it was 25 degrees, in my head I thought I would dress for 40. Bad idea, we all know that it was only 22 with a windchill to make it worse. Needless to say, it just makes it hard to get excited for the rest of training in winter....can't wait for those 90 minute runs, ha. So after this I went and got subway for Esther and I and got a car wash. Sometimes I think I don't take good enough care of my car. Every week (most of the time) I go to Esther's and we catch up on the week prior and I get to tell my stories from the week and hold babies and in some ways we both live vicariously through one another, which is great. This week was even better in an odd way. This week felt like we were adults having adult conversations, not just giggling and reminiscing. Hard to explain I guess, it's nice having people close that have known you for more than half your life. I came home and did some fundraising work and started to read a very large book. Sometimes I miss reading for fun. I love getting sucked into a completely different world and escaping, even if just for 15 minutes at a time. By this time on a Wednesday, it's time for the Brewery. It's too bad that we didn't realize until we got there that it was 80'S NIGHT! Rats. Plus, they were out of cider. I tried my hardest to like beer, but tonight was not the breakthrough night we all hoped for. Maybe next time. Also, for the first time, we danced. We've danced at 84 East, but never here. It was slightly awkward but fun all the same. I'm starting to really enjoy our weekly gatherings. There is always something to look forward to without it being a month away.
This was really long, but when do I ever do a short recap?

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  1. Awe. Michelle, I feel the same way. It was a good visit. Thanks! Also, I think its just fine that you don't like beer. Don't let them conform you, that stuff is nasty. ;)