Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 4: Go Green!

I was thinking today that I should have planned a little bit better and taken a picture of myself in each cardigan. Too bad I didn't because now it's too late. Not that I really planned this at all, it must be part of goal to be more spontaneous. Today I wore a favorite. Green, old and comfortable. It's quite possible that I owned said cardigan in high school. Regardless, I love it. It made yesterday bearable a day after. Does that make sense? I think maybe.
Last night I got to catch up with a friend for a bit and she had an extra ticket to the MSU vs Iowa game and I turned it down. Am I nuts?! I love college basketball and, gasp, haven't been to a game ever! What can I say other than I was a great student and committed to my friends more than my school...anyways, I reallllllly hope that opportunity comes up again because I miss East Lansing. I know that really had nothing to do with today but I did wear green and white today....just saying.
Nothing amazing happened today, but nothing horrible either. Just the kind of day I needed to get me through. Tomorrow is potentially a very busy day off but those are just the kind I love, especially if they're productive.

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