Sunday, January 17, 2010

it's Cardi time

So I was sitting in my room last night and I had a thought. What if I wore a cardigan everyday for the next 7 days. Genious! Easy challenge and hopefully quite fun. So I started it today. Day one in my week long cardigan challenge. I chose to start the challenge with a great, deep red, v-neck cardigan. I don't own much red so though it doesn't seem like it, this was a very bold choice for day one.

Before I chose which cardigan to wear, I went for my first run of the year. It didn't go so well, I don't really want to talk about it, but I feel good after doing it and am excited to get outside again soon. I hope in the next month or so.
Work was crazy today, lots of good moments and lots of frustrating moments but at the end, a good day. Could it be because of the red cardi? I like to think so. Or maybe the fact that I also dyed my hair. I enjoy dark hair.
After work I went to the southside and enjoyed the rest of the evening with some great people. I had an on the spot created drink called the Michini. Doozie! We also watched Funny People, which after taking away the language and crude parts, actually had an ok message to it. One of my favorite parts of this evening was having a random dance party with Jenna and Pudge, the dog. Really, I think I really could dance anywhere, anytime.
I'd love to end it there and say that the night ended on a high but life is a roller coaster of emotions and I may have cried all the way home. Sometimes I just need to have a good cry, it's unfortunate you can't schedule them into life, they just kind of come up when they choose. Tonight it was because of cancer. It sucks. It has single handidly changed my life forever. Not all has been bad but it is something I will never be thankful for. It is continually changing my life from here on out.
I know it seems like a bad way to end the post but it's what I'm ending on at this very moment, it's what I'm working through. See you tomorrow.


  1. I just want the good readers of this blog to know that you did in fact give a score to the martini that you had - given to you at this most recent weiler/wesselink party. What was that number again?


    Which from reading..seems pretty good. Although, I feel that since you docked points for presentation - you should add points for cost-effectiveness. So I think in the end it should be a 9.5.

    Good score!

  2. haha. i'll give you an extra .3 for it's economical qualities for a total score of 8.3

  3. Good -'s not 9.5, but I guess it'll have to do, as long as it gets a respectable amount of recognition! I'm totally asking for one if I head to martini night with you guys sometime.