Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 2: The Borrowed Gray

I love color. I love adding little splashes here and there, in all aspects of life. I've noticed recently, like this past year, that I have started to accumulate a lot of black and white. I used to make fun of my friend Lindsey cuz it's all she wore but now I understand it's almost essential. So for day two I wore a gray cardigan, the perfect blend of black and white. Not just any gray one though, the one I've been eyeing in Meagan's closet, which means it had to be a good day. I went to church and met up with Katie and chatted about life for a bit, which was really nice. I like being able to catch up with people without feeling rushed or like I'm balancing. After church I came home and did some fundraising work and then took a nap!!! Yay for naps! Then I did all the stuff that normal people do on a Sunday but I can't do because I work. I did laundry and made brownies and cleaned my room (kind of). Then I went with the roomies to Family Dinner at the Weiler home. I love family dinner time. It's such a great ending to the weekend and also a great start to the week. I love cuddling on the chair with Amanda and I love Jenna's hospitality and I love just laughing with friends. And I love it even more when we end with a dance party. I love anything that includes dancing though, nothing new there. Then because Amy locked herself out of her place we got to have a slumber party. A great day in a GRAYt cardigan. Today I feel blessed.

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