Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 3: What was I thinking?

Ok, today was an off day. I woke up super tired and for some reason decided to skip my run this morning, bad idea. Then when getting dressed I didn't really think about the fact that I'd be wearing a cardigan. I picked out a sweater over a cami which means I had to put a cardigan over the sweater. I mean it wasn't the worst thing I've ever worn but I also decided to wear my hair curly and I'm just throwing it out there that some days I look like I forgot how to pull it all together. I almost wished I had taken a picture so you could know what I mean, because I think it'd be obvious. So, having to work an extra long shift at work when feeling like this makes the day slightly crappy, even without anything happening. So lucky me, after being at the Depot for 10 hours, I came home to run 2 miles. And the frustrating part was that I only cut 13 seconds off of the last run. 13 seconds? At this rate I'll finish a half in full time. I hate the treadmill. It's quite possible the only thing that saved the day was seeing my aunt and cousins for 15 minutes. There's nothing like a hug from a 4 year old to make the days' troubles seem so distant. And then dinner was toast and coco wheats. I was reminded that I actually don't like coco wheats, those are the chocolate ones. I like cream of wheat. Ahh, some times you just have to have a bad day to appreciate the good ones, and hopefully the good ones to come.

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