Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 6: Back in Black

Day 6. I feel like this challenge could truly go on forever. There is so much more potential in my closet. Today was a hard choice though. I thought for a little bit I was going to have to do some fundraising stuff at Younkers which means I had to wear khakis. Which also means that I had to wear my polyester TNT training shirt. So how do you pair these two items and throw a cardigan in the mix? You wear a classic black. That's what you do. Then I was met with another challenge, my jacket was shedding on my pants. I've never noticed this before because I always wear jeans. It's kind of disturbing that it sheds as much as it does. So between not actually fundraising and the shedding, I think I had on 3 different outfits, all pulled together with the classy black. The only time I regretted wearing it was when I joined Jenna and Adam at their home to celebrate their potential home owning status and sat on the couch and then stood up with a cat on me. Not really but this is the one downfall of wearing black, everything shows. Enough about the cardigan though, the day was great and I am so happy for the Weilers.
I also highly enjoyed having girl time with Amy at JPs and trying, and partially succeeding at getting some fundraising done.
And it's never a bad day when you don't work.
Another good day all around. Could it be the cardigans?

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  1. Look at all the things Mr. Rogers accomplished with a cardigan. They must have some sort of magical power.