Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day 7: The end?

Well today was officially the end of the 7 day Cardigan Challenge. I honestly picked out another outfit for tomorrow not really thinking that today was the last day, and for a second I got kind of sad about it. Ridiculous. It's not like I'm losing the cardigans, I own them, I can wear them again, pull it together! I think I might wear the outfit anyways because I never said I couldn't do more, just that I had to do 7, so maybe you'll see me back here tomorrow. Well you will anyways because it's martini night tomorrow. Back on to our normal schedule. So today, by request, I wore a lime green cardigan. It's somewhat short but fun and it makes me feel like it's summer time. Going back to work on a friday is always somewhat depressing, my weekend is over, I have the early shift, it's a longer than normal shift and of course today, the end of the challenge. Lucky for me, I have an incredibly good sense of humor and lucky for you, you get to read the next bit about what happened at work. So it was getting close to lunch time for me and the reinforcements have been around for about 15 minutes or so and to kill some time I go to talk a fellow associate. Now said associate is about 55 and sometimes a little awkward but we've worked together for over 3 years now so I would say we're pretty comfortable around one another. So I'm standing behind him for maybe 1 minute when he turns to me and with slight hesitation says "you realize you have a hole in the back of your pants, you can see your underwear." To which I respond with a reassured yes, because I did know there was a slight hole, due to the walkie that I have to carry on my pocket and the fact that the jeans themselves are over 4 years old. No big deal, normally my shirt covers it anyways. So I go home for lunch, like I normally do, and for kicks I go look in the bathroom mirror and my mouth drops to the floor as I realize the hole got bigger. It's no longer just a worn out area, it's a full on hole, down the side of the pocket. Not only can you see my underwear, you can see the color and the pattern. Goodness me, I couldn't help but laugh. I'm glad I went home on lunch though so I could change. The day did get better, not that it was necessarily bad, when the rep from the millwork department made a surprising friday visit. It doesn't matter what has happened that day, or even that week, when he visits, you forget what a bad day is. Sigh. Moving on. I got out of work and eventually met up with Amy at her parents house for a fun filled girls night. We ate chinese to which I tried my first crab rangoon and may have enjoyed it. We then made mojitos (without mint), grabbed the candy and headed downstairs to watch the movie Gran Torino. Soooooo good! I love Clint Eastwood, I seriously think he has gotten better with age. The rest of the night consisted of the following:
  • two more mojitos
  • digesting the movie
  • wii fit plus; skateboard, soccer, running, marching in a parade, etc
  • amazing girl talk
  • blogging and trying to go to bed by one
  • still being up at two after another hour of talking and taking ibuprofen.
  • borrowing the best red sweatshirt in the world
This was quite possibly the perfect ending to a week long, ridiculous yet fun challenge. I almost dare say that a round 2 is in the future.

* I would like to add that if by some chance the beginning and the end don't flow, it's because this was a two-parter


  1. Much needed. You make a mean mojito (minus the ito). Whenever you need a pick me up.. put the red sweatshirt on. :)

  2. remember when i injured practically every part of my legs trying ridiculous dance moves....and i didn't have a moj?