Thursday, February 18, 2010

updating: it's what you do when you have nothing else to do...

Sometimes I think that I all I do on here is talk about martinis and share good things that are going on in life but I know this isn't completely true because my sister always asks me about the dramatic things going on, so I manage to sneak them in somewhere. So at some point in the not too distant future I'll try to give a more in depth update of what's going on in life, but for now you'll have to put up with another recap of everything that makes me happy :)

Since the last martini night, February 6th, I have had the opportunity to spend time with friends and family in a variety of gatherings and it has been good great. Family Dinner/Superbowl Party last Sunday was great. I made a chili, or Lena did, and it was fantastic. I should make meals more instead of just eating pasta all the time. That's a big statement for me. I like having people over because it always makes a house feel a bit more like a home.
On Wednesday, I took a chilly walk with Jenna and Amy all around the teenth streets and eventually we ended up at Boatwerks. We of course took advantage of the happy hour offerings and I would like to state again, Boatwerks serves one heck of a strong drink. Just ask any of those in attendance for proof. This very well could be a top contender for best deal in town, seeing as the drink was only $2. Will we be going back? I think so.
On Friday I traveled with Esther to Portland to visit with Raquel, much like we did just a couple months ago and it was fabulous. I truly appreciate the fact that I still have solid friends from high school. I, however, do not appreciate being told that we still look the same as we did 10 years ago...I think we'd all agree that we look A LOT better! This is what usually happens when we hang out: We take 58 pictures and one of us always ruins it, myself for instance......

Saturday after work and before martini night I stopped at the Amtrak station to say hello to my sister and niece who are in "town" for a week! So great to have them here all the way from Minneapolis, talk about a long train ride! I snuck in some hugs and then met up with some friends at martini night. And the night was full of little surprises like Jon Paulus being in town from St. Joseph and Brian wearing a v-neck?. Plus I got to meet Janie, a friend of Amy's and a fellow member of SOTTP. I had the Captain Cosmo just to see if it is of any comparison to the cosmo I had days earlier and I have to say it didn't even come close. I'm only giving it a 6.6 because it tasted really watery. I'm not sure if the bartender just made it that way or if in general it's supposed to be that weak. Either way, not worth ordering again. Fun evening though, highlighted by a free sundae. Thanks Brian.
Sunday I brought breakfast to Zeeland for the fam and then went with my sister and niece to Pigeon Creek to go cross country skiing. I haven't done something like that since, oh say, sixth grade but I figured if a child not even two years old can do it, I can too. I'd say we were equal. I only fell once in the 20 minutes we were out. Haha. I would try it again but I feel like I'm so uncoordinated, like using the elliptical rather than the treadmill. Anyways, it was a super nice day and I'm glad I got to go! To end out the day I had more family time with even more family and then had a valentine's day dinner with my "other family" that was awesome.
Good week, good week indeed.


  1. i like happy! :)
    also, thank you for posting the one picture that you messed up instead of one of the 57 that I was making a dumb face or glowed in... :)

  2. i didn't know you blogged.

    seriously, we need to catch up more often!

  3. Esther, I'd dare say we all messed up our own 33%. The only time we've been equilateral :)

    Abbers, thanks for following. And we shall catch up, in like a week :)