Monday, February 15, 2010

running late

i hate the feeling of running late. Or feeling behind on things. I can quickly get off track and not do the things that I really need to be doing. I am behind on here and now I have to try and remember what happened almost a week and a half ago. It's a good thing I have a decent memory or I'd be in trouble. So on the 6th I found myself at 84 East sharing a very pleasant evening with Jenna, Adam, Brian and Sandi. And when I looked at the menu, I found myself ordering the French Martini. This has been towards the bottom of my list so I am not sure why I decided this night was the one to go for it but I did it because at some point you just have to bite the bullet. And I was surprised. Seeing as the only ingredients are vodka and raspberry liquer, I anticipated the worst. This drink is close to the Money Penny which I gave a 7 already back in September, except it has cranberry juice in it, and I now believe that cranberry juice paired with vodka is one of my least favorite pairings. It really does nothing good. So I'm giving the french a slightly higher rating of 7.2. I can't hide the fact that it was strong and hardly flavored but it went down easy enough and though I looked forward to the sour patch kid next, I finished most of it. It made me feel like I could fit in here:

I had a fine evening and I like that it is becoming somewhat of a tradition for people other than myself. I enjoy coming in and knowing that the waitresses know me. I like knowing that there will always be laughter and quality conversations. It has re-convinced me that I like Holland, in more ways than one.

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  1. Another reason why Holland is ranked #2 for happiest place in the US :) Martini nights.