Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas is all around us

If I truly wanted to, I could tell you about everything that has happened since my last post and you could be sitting here for at least 10 minutes reading a very long, very entertaining story. Instead, I'll give you the abridged version, which will consist mostly of bullet point highlights (not in any particular order) and might only take you 5 minutes :)
  • sending out the most awesome Christmas cards ever, that my friend Lisa made here
  • introducing Meagan to dear friends at the brew brew (I love that my friends all get along, what an awesome blessing.)
  • on a second excursion to the brewery with Colleen and Sandi, having the most precious waiter on his first night and also receiving the best drunk voicemail. ha.
  • opening presents with tags like the one pictured at right
  • seeing Raquel and the amazing Brace family and having a sleepover like high school. this of course included a trip to the tattoo parlor. not for me, yet.
  • having brunch with Colleen at Arnies (also pictured) and going to the mall the day before Christmas. two firsts.
  • installing a programmable thermostat successfully! go me!
  • laughing so hard I cried at the Christmas Eve service at church. so good this year, and always so wonderful to see my long lost church family.
  • watching all of my favorite Christmas movies
  • snow
  • a lovely though short visit with the Bordenkirchers
  • two impromptu dance parties within days of each other with different people. what a blessing again that I have friends that dance.
  • sleeeeeeeeping.

So that was Christmas and everything leading up to it. It's been a good end to a so-so year, which makes me hopeful for 2010.

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