Sunday, December 13, 2009

a GLEEful week

What a week! I think I could write about something enjoyable happening each day but for the sake of you, my readers, I won't.

This week has been a lot different than last. On the outside it looks similar, but on the inside, it's so much different. These are things that brought a smile to my face this week that I won't elaborate on:

  • Dexter with friends
  • Mario on the Wii and we all suck, ha
  • Sharing dinner and life
  • Christmas party at work and my work family
  • The girls from high school and our annual gathering!
  • Decorating my moms' tree (pictured ---->)

Now onto my most enjoyable events of the week....

Wednesday, sweet Wednesday. I love you. You bring me joy in the form of days off, friends and Glee. This week you brought me a whole party, a dress up party. And it was glorious. I had a moment when I was getting ready to be Rachel Berry when I realized I have the best friends in the world. I mean, it takes a special group of people to dress up for a TV show.

And we went all out, as you can see :) So fun! I won't bore you with more about this though, onto the next: Friday and the point of this all, Martini Night.

So Friday I enjoyed a Christmas party all day at work and then after work I joined up with some friends to see Christopher Williams with Jon Troast at the Park Theater for a great, live concert. Great music and talented artists make for a wonderful experience. After the concert we traveled over to 84 East. I had forgotten how different going on a Saturday is compared to a Friday. The atmosphere is completely different, mainly concerning the DJ they have playing music on the makeshift dance floor. Buuuuuuttt, without said DJ, we wouldn't be able to call a song for the night, and once it's played go to that silly little area and dance. Which is what we all did, to Billie Jean. Though I never need a drink to dance, because I'll dance to anything, anywhere....well mostly, we ordered a shaker of Tropical Storm. An intense mix of coconut and pineapple that comes out blue and is actually quite strong. I'm giving it a low 6.8 only because this is the first drink that made me flush and since that's painful, it was potentially given a low score. On a better day maybe a 7.2, it's very tropical tasting.

So here's the Martini Night Recap:

persons in attendance: Amy, Katie, Jenna, Brian, Adam, Dwight and partly Jon

drinks had: Tropical Storm

favorite quote: "it's not dark enough to dance the way I want to dance..."

favorite moment: most awkward group dance ever

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  1. i love us. and i'm definately not forgetting this phrase "i'll dance to anything, anywhere". yeah. you're gonna wish you hadn't just said that.