Tuesday, December 8, 2009

a category 5

just write about life. give a simple rating on a drink. that's all i have to do. yet sometimes, this seems so hard. i don't feel like a natural writer. i can talk about anything and nothing until i'm blue in the face but when i have to actually write it out, i draw a blank. since this is one of those days, where i don't really feel like doing this, and i just want to use small letters and no capitals, i'm going to compact all the love i have for this day into a short(for me) post.
a category 5 hurricane is nothing to mess with. it's an unfortunate occurrence. you can predict when it's coming and make preparations but in the end all you can do is bunker down and wait for it to pass. hope and pray that when you open your eyes things are recognizable. i feel like i've been in a lot of situations like this lately. i can think of three right now, and though they're over and i made it, and i'm probably even stronger and more confident after, it sucks when you're going through it. and my point of this rambling is to recognize that martini night is not about alcohol. to me anyways. it's about the people and the conversations. it's about having people in your life you can sit at a table with week after week and never run out of things to talk about and if you do, it's a comfortable silence. it's about sharing life with all the good parts and the hard parts. and being there when someone is going through their own "category 5". though i didn't pick it because of all this, looking back, the Category 5 was a perfect choice for this week. it's possibly too many things blended together so i'm only going to give it a 6.7 after really thinking about it. it doesn't stand out to me, but i know quite a few people that have enjoyed it, so i could be completely biased on this one...as opposed to all the others you know ;) so thank you to jenna for sharing an evening of easy conversation and also to the second waitress that has brought me my menu without me asking. milestone.

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  1. ps. you ARE a natural writer. and even if im the only person who ever comments on here.. it makes me happy that you continue to share your insights cyberly.