Sunday, November 29, 2009

Peanut Butter Pizza Pie

It actually exists. The title that is. It's not at all what I'm talking about but as soon as I wrote it out I wondered if it was real and low and behold, it is. And it actually sounds kind of tasty. Moving on...

November has been kind of nuts. It still doesn't compare to October but it's running a close second. So far this month I have:

  • joined my mother and stood for 5 hours with drunk middle aged hooligans to watch The Boss

  • joined Team In Training again, for yet another half marathon

  • celebrated Merry Gobblemas with the most amazing family ever

  • moved

  • bought a dyson. (this one deserved a period)

  • overslept on black friday

  • gotten a flat tire

  • watched two movies, UP and The Blindside, and cried at both

  • attended two martini nights, which leads me to this past weekend:

I always love martini night, there has yet to be a time when I have left thinking I just wasted my time and money with crappy people. It just never happens. I especially love it when there is a small group with GREAT conversation or a larger group with lots of laughter and just shared moments. This weekend was the latter and it was a wonderful evening. I feel like I was able to catch up on everyones' lives, share a few things myself :) and enjoy two very delicious martinis. First off was the Pomtini coming in at a tasty 8.5. It was mainly graded down to the fact that though it's a strong flavor and not so much on the sweet side as it is tart, somehow this drink tastes too much like pink grapefruit, which is also tart, so you'd think they'd let the pomegranate dominate like it should but moving on to the Sour Patch Kid. I'm actually giving this an 8.5 as well. Delicious and not too sweet or sour, a perfect mix. I would have liked this one with the sugar rim but we did get it out of a pitcher so I could be misjudging it anyways. I think next weekend I'm going to give one of the wintery flavors a shot, since it's going to be collllllldd. Stay tuned, I think it's going to be a good one.

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