Tuesday, November 10, 2009

London Bridge is falling Down

Do you ever feel like you're getting pulled in one too many directions. I picture myself as Stretch Armstrong and you know that after a while, one of those limbs, those connections is going to break. The hard part about it is that rarely are you getting pulled into multiple directions you don't want to go, most of the time it seems it's all stuff you normally enjoy and have fun doing, but when you pile on too many things, the pile will always topple. Always. So what do you do when you notice the unbalance...the leaning...the breaking...? I've been thinking a lot lately about how I handle certain situations. Some I feel I probably need to handle differently yet others I couldn't be more pleased with the turnout. Sometimes I think that being an adult just sucks. But most of the time it's just fine :)

I have to apologize for the ridiculous amount of time between this post and the actual night I'm recounting. Life, for sure, is crazy, but I am going to give the best recap of the evening I possibly can. After not having felt well I decided to skip a dance party...gasp!!! I usually like to have plans, to know what I'm doing at any given time so not going dancing opened up a whole night with no ability to make plans, I just had to go with it. It turned out well. Amanda, Amy and myself took a tour of some downtown art galleries and their punch competition, scored ourselves some awesome homemade hats, spiked punch, warm punch, good snacks and even some movie filming. Jenna joined and we proceeded to martini night. We were then joined by Julie and Katie and I proceeded to try two drinks for the evening. I was only going to do one but I got so hungry I had a thick second. That sounds gross just typing it but I'll start with that one, it was the Strawberry Cheesecake, which actually has sour cream in it. I was hesitant and thought it could go horribly wrong but it was actually a bit delightful. Rating wise a 7.3 but that is saying a lot for a drink that has a nacho topping in it. The first drink I had was the Sunset. It's so pretty, they pour the grenadine in after so it drops to the bottom. You have to remember to mix it a bit otherwise you get a lot of alcohol and then a lot of sugary red liquid. This drink receives an 8.2 with its' presentation giving a few tenths higher than taste alone. Overall it was a good evening, filled with amazing women and random events that I couldn't have planned better if I tried, and I think sometimes that's the lesson.
Thanks for joining ladies :)

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