Tuesday, June 22, 2010

family night out

June 12: My first time going out in Holland with my family (Autumn, Kristin, Melissa and my Aunt Bonnie) and certainly not the last! It was Mel's birthday and having just gotten off the roller coaster of hospice and funerals and no sleep and stress, we all needed a night out. And why not start at 84 East? I hadn't been able to knock any off the list in a very long time so I was ready to start making some progress. Since I knew everyone was going to be at least 20 minutes late, I started looking at the menu and what does Tory bring out to me but my missing menu!!! It was found! I didn't even ask how or where, I was just happy to have it back. So I ordered and started with the Raspberry Yogurt. I gave it a 7.8; tasty, yet slightly too creamy, it may have been better if it was thinner. Then, much to my surprise, Amy and Mike were there and Amy didn't like the Snickers-tini so I drank it, and it was good. It was 8.5 good. Almost as good as just eating the candy bar itself. We then headed over to the Brewery and continued our fun evening. I have to say I am truly blessed to come from such a fun loving, caring and downright hilarious family. I'm thinking we might have to make this a birthday tradition on the west side, and watch out for August, we've got 3 birthdays within 17 days.....

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