Thursday, June 10, 2010

out of shape

I'm out of blogging shape! I'm out of shape in a lot of ways but mainly I let this go too far. And I've been meaning to update this for at least 3 weeks but the period key on my keyboard broke and I kind of hate typing now, or moreso ending sentences. I'm biting the bullet. I'm getting back into it, because darn it all, I've only got two months left of the Year of the Martini and then what?! No really, then what?
The month of May and bit of June took a lot out of me. I ran another race, traveled to and from Portland about 20 times, attended visitations and funeral, bought a house, bought a lot of stuff to go in the house, tulip time, martini nights, said goodbye to some friends for the summer and I'm sure plenty of other crazy little things I can't remember at the moment.
So I have a pretty good memory but without any notes, I'm not sure I can remember well the martini nights of two months past. But I can tell you what I had and what I thought of them. They're as follows:
Tuliptini coming in at a low 2.7. To think that I saved this one for almost 9 months to consume specifically during Tulip Time and it was such a let down. I am going to suggest that they make it taste better somehow because what will the tourists think!? In late May I had the Appletini which I was positive I'd had before but somehow I can't find any info on it. This time I gave it a 7.7 because it was a bit tart, could have been a tad sweeter but it's a good staple, a good choice to fall back on if they ever run out of watermelon pucker.

Now that life is settling down more, I'm going to be back here much more. Consider it a warning.

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