Friday, July 2, 2010

everything's better in 3D

Have you seen Toy Story 3? Have you seen it in 3-D? You're seriously missing out if you haven't. I know it's an animated film made for kids but secretly I think it's made for the adults that were kids when the original came out. I laughed and cried, what more could you ask for?! How about a martini.....
To follow an awesome movie, Sandi and Meagan joined me at the usual spot. I had decided I was feeling daring and that I would try the Lemon Drop-tini. I was anticpating it being the worst on the menu and I was right. It was awful, a club soda chaser didn't even help. It's lucky it gets a 1. Bad drink aside, it was a fun evening with fun pictures and even more fun girls!

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