Thursday, April 15, 2010

peculiar happenings

I feel like weird things are happening to me lately. Things like this:

I love the dentist. I love getting stuff done, and feeling tough and clean at the same time. Plus my dentist is amazing. If he wasn't, I wouldn't still drive to Portland. For some reason, my jaw still hurts from the shot I got 8 days ago! What's up with that...shouldn't it be gone like hours later? I was shopping the day after getting my wisdom teeth out...this is unusual.

So I'm at Amy's and I try to do a dance move I've done plenty of times before and given, it does cause some pain though well worth it, this time it literally burned my foot. Wood floor burn on the top of my foot. Has anyone ever done this before? I doubt it.

I got chinese takeout today in Detroit and it took 40 minutes. FORTY! For chinese food? Seriously, did you have to kill the chicken first?!

Two months ago I had a leak in my tire in the valve and yesterday as I'm leaving to get my haircut, I hear a hissing...from the other tire. Same thing, different tire. Really? Seriously, is my car sitting on four faulty valves? I guess now just waiting for the other two...

And last but certainly not least. I just received my first issue of Get Married magazine. This would be sweet if I had requested the subscription. Or even better yet, I was getting married! just once more....Seriously!?

I wonder what's next.

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    hope you got some aloe.