Monday, April 12, 2010


I am in the midst of a blog drought.

I don't know what it is. I've technically missed two posts, each of which had blog worthy notes. Not to mention I have 3 martinis to report on. I keep writing something and then thinking, that's lame, and erasing it. I know I need to post but I'm just not feeling it. Cut me a little slack if it doesn't make sense, flow or is just plain lame, because it means I stopped erasing and I'm moving forward despite my drought.

I had a very busy yet very enjoyable couple weeks. I had the opportunity to work 8 days straight, have four days off and then work another 7 in a row. I hope you picked up on the sarcasm. This made life difficult but I made it through. These are things that helped: birthday celebrations with my mom including the best cake ever, a movie in 3d and the successful meeting of "the sales rep" without my knowing. Linzo coming into town and experiencing Holland and all its glory, mainly martini night. Completing my 9 mile run and feeling good about my upcoming race. Michigan State in the Final Four and an awesome championship game. A muy fabuloso Easter Family dinner with wonderful people.
And then it happened. It was April 3rd and time for martini night. Like a delayed April fools joke, I got the news. My menu was nowhere to be found. And it was real this time. Didn't I just go through this? I lamented with my fellow attendees and decided I was going to be ok. Luckily I have a good memory. So here are the ratings on the three I've yet to report:
Hurricane: 7.9
Melon Martini: 7.1
Chocolate-tini: 8.9

I have to end there. Mainly because I feel like there are other things I want to be writing about but I can't because I'm behind. I'm hoping that the rain starts soon and the habit comes back...

thanks to those that continually come and fellowship.

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